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In a healthy debate, the speaker has to be prepared to shock his listeners. To let them waver, doubt and maybe even take the risk to insult them. Why? Because convictions can be based on undesirable things such as dogmas and memes. When we lose the willingness to be uncomfortable, the conversation will soon lose its value. With this in mind, Arvid Buit often writes articles, letters and academic interpretations for this website. Much of this writing is published on LinkedIn. If you would like to respond, please feel free to do so on LinkedIn. Your messages will be answered quite promptly. Reactions via email will not be replied.

13 August 2021

Personality Traits of an Effective Leader

What makes an effective leader? This question will yield different answers depending on who you ask. This is why it is important to identify the best leadership personality traits that make an individual effective for this position. Many people believe that people are born leaders, but these traits can be developed, strengthened, and adopted with...

13 August 2021

Leadership Personality Types: What is Most Effective?

Research is still ongoing in the study of personality types and its impact on leadership approach. The aim of these studies is to determine if certain personalities make for a better leader than others. The best way to start this is to understand the various leadership personality types and how they correlate to better leadership.

13 August 2021

Derailed Leadership: Everything You Need to Know

The type of leadership in an organization can make or break the organizational success. Choosing the ideal leadership style is, therefore, crucial if you want to achieve your shared goal. The aim is to avoid derailed leadership, which is what happens when there is a plateau in the management role or there are fatal flaws...

12 August 2021

What is Coaching Leadership Style?

As leadership philosophies evolve and grow, various tactics and styles are being developed and refined. One style that is becoming increasingly popular today is the coaching leadership style. But what is it really, and what makes it popular? More importantly, how does it compare to other management styles? Here’s a comprehensive rundown on what to...

08 July 2020

Leadership Lessons #10: Martial Arts and Rockstars

Today is going to be a very special article, and it will also take a bit longer to read than usual. You might wonder why, after 9 articles of specific content, I am breaking this with this unusual title. Well,  I am not. All successful people in the world have things in common. Today I...

17 June 2020

A Casestudy with Madeline: a strategy that works

Madeline was hired to change the company. But after a few months she was close to a burn-out and completely demotivated. Whatever she tried, nothing worked.

16 June 2020

Leadership Lessons #9: Strategy

Strategy descends from the military and tactical field. In the old days it was all about the art of war. So what does a strategist do?

11 June 2020

A casestudy with Ricky: How to get rid of a culture of fear?

Ricky is very ambitious and brought a lot of energy into the room when we first met. “Hi Arvid, great to see you! I have a big problem to solve and would love to hear your ideas.”

09 June 2020

Leadership Lessons #8: FeedForward

I have had some requests from listeners about giving very specific tools to use. So today we are going to talk about the number 1 tool: feedforward.

03 June 2020

A casestudy with Michelle: What is holding her back?

How is it possible that this energetic, intelligent woman with an incredible positive vibe around her, is too insecure to be successful?

01 June 2020

Leadership Lessons #7: Psychological Scripts

If you want to change behaviour, it is important to understand how behaviour works. Today we talk about psychological scripts and the value of coaching.

28 May 2020

A casestudy with Eric: leadership and alcohol abuse

Eric used to be the CFO of a large company, how did he get to the point of alcohol addiction and more important: what are we doing about it?

27 May 2020

Leadership Lessons #6: Dopamine

We are going to talk about something really exciting today. Because it is all about pleasure and happiness. Something most people strive for on a daily basis. But what is it?!

19 May 2020

A casestudy with Ursula: Feminine leadership and hierarchy

Is there a place for hierarchy in female leadership? Or is it a masculine concept, that women do not need because of their natural connection with their team?

18 May 2020

Leadership Lessons #5: Hierarchy

In this article I am going to tell you about hierarchy. It is one of the most interesting subjects in relation to leadership.

13 May 2020

A casestudy with Gary: Will he ever be a good CFO?

Can you be a good CFO, when you are not able to connect with people? In this article we share the case of Company X, worrying about their CFO's connection with his team.

11 May 2020

Leadership Lessons #4: Oxytocine

The last article in the Leadership Lessons series was about symbiosis. Today we are going to talk more about the same subject, but on a neurobiological level.

06 May 2020

A casestudy with Michael: Why is he feeling this miserable?

This man is sitting in front of me, completely lonely and unhappy. If I would ask any random person from the street to judge this situation, they would say Michael is just a cry-baby. He arrived in his Mercedes S-class limousine, wears a ten thousand dollar suit and a golden Rolex on his wrist. Nothing...

01 May 2020

Leadership Lessons #3: Symbiosis

Today we’re going to talk about symbiosis. It is a bit heavier then previous subjects, but please bear with me. I will try to make the complex facts easy digestible and place it all in a realistic context you can relate to.

01 May 2020

A casestudy with Juliet: A breath of fresh air

Do you need a leader, when your company is tired of changes? In this article we share the case of Company X, looking for a new CEO. Who is the perfect candidate?

29 April 2020

Leadership Lessons #2: Necessity

Today we discuss the concept of necessity. Definitions are important, as we talked about in the previous article, so let’s look at this word: necessity.

24 April 2020

A casestudy with Bob: showing where to go

How do you gain trust in your team after you inherit a company from your family member who had the opposit charachter of your own? In this article we share the case of leader Bob, who wants to know how he can lead his company in his own way.

22 April 2020

Leadership Lessons #1: Definitions

In this first article of the series Leadership Lessons, based on the eponymous podcast, we talk about definitions. What does leadership mean? And what is the difference between a leader and a manager?