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Supervision and mentoring

Are you an experienced coach and do you want to specialize in executive coaching? Then you’ve come to the right place for supervision. Arvid Buit is a recognized ESIA supervisor for EMCC coaches, and a certified assessor for ICF. With over 15 years of experience as a master coach (ICF/EMCC/Marshall Goldsmith), he guides talented coaches in their route to executive coaching. The process consists of analyzing video recordings that the coach makes of his/her sessions. Based on this, supervision sessions are scheduled (live or via Zoom) in which professional growth and development are worked on.

Naturally, all supervision hours count in the ICF applications (10 mandatory mentor hours) or as official supervision for EMCC accreditations. More information? Please feel free to contact us.

Standard package supervision

1 year, monthly session incl. analysis of video material per month, additional support

€ 9,500 excl. VAT (a 15% discount on packages applies to NOBCO/ICF members)

Separate supervision session (45m video analysis + assessment, 2 hours Zoom conversation, reflection by email)

€ 1,150 excl. VAT (NOBCO/ICF members receive a 20% discount on individual sessions)

3 years, complete course to become an executive coach, including analyses, live sessions, telephone support and a full package of tools for executive coaching and research. Including guidance from application and file to MP (EMCC) and/or MCC (ICF). During this process, the coach is also introduced to relevant networks for future business development.

€ 31,500 excl. VAT (a 15% discount on packages applies to NOBCO/ICF members)


Supervision and Mentoring for Coaches | Become an Executive Coach

Are you ready to elevate your skills and specialize in executive coaching? Contact us today to schedule a free introductory meeting. Whether you choose a comprehensive supervision package or an individual session, Arvid Buit is here to guide you toward professional growth and development. Don’t miss this opportunity to invest in your future as an executive coach. Call now or send an email for more information and discover how Arvid’s supervision and mentoring can transform your career.