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Behavioral change in the boardroom

Natural leaders possess what we call ‘nuclear energy’. It’s a contagious source, rooted in discontent. Or, even worse, in pain and urgency. Sometimes it manifests itself as anger or dissatisfaction, but sometimes it shows itself as the power of change. Successful leadership if defined by two things: personality and competence. TRUE Leadership focuses on the way leaders think, and zones in on the one competence that is often missing: reciprocity. Using a systematical approach, we work with a CxO over the course of twelve months. We guarantee results by closely monitoring behavioural changes within the organisation.

  • How much have you invested so far in leadership development?
  • Are you satisfied with the results?
  • Have you measured the effect of your efforts?
  • Would you ever invest in a process that doesn’t measure results?
  • Who decide how much progress there is in leadership development ?

Much has been said and written about leadership. More often than not this discards natural leadership and instead focuses on management related positions. Organisations often lack the knowledge to realise that their primary goal in the boardroom is to create reciprocity. That’s why we start with the terminology.
Leadership always concerns a director responsible for strategic decisions within an organisation. TRUE Leadership works only with these people, not with people from middle management or other (important) roles within the company. This is where our expertise lies, and we like to stick to our expertise. Furthermore it’s important to know we don’t work know-how, but rather show-how. In other words, we want to establish fundamental behavioural change – the most challenging process on the planet, because humans generally don’t like to change. We rather point our finger at someone else than look critically at ourselves. Change requires unpleasant self-reflection, and it’s much easier to fall back into comfortable patterns. TRUE Leadership accepts that challenge. We measure our results by asking your employees about their conclusions. Not just those who work closely with the leader, but people of all layers within the company, because true leadership is felt on every level.


The effect on your organisation

Our services create reciprocity within the entire organisation. But that’s not all. We replace the old-fashioned ‘feedback’ culture with a ‘feed-forward’ culture, in which the person who receives feedback is responsible for its purpose. Respondents give suggestions that prevent people from projecting or simulating. Our methods involve all stakeholders, teaching them the principles of this method. Your organisation will be able to continue this approach even without us, during future organisational change processes. Leaders don’t just experience more support, they’re also more effective, energised, enthusiastic and above all, happier. And so are the people around them.